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Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts For All Budgets

So it’s Wednesday and Father’s Day is Sunday. Oops. If you’re reading this, I think we can both agree you’re one of us last minuters.

Have no fear, the day is still salvageable. First of all, as much as I love gifts (I mean if you read about The Five Love Languages, gifts is definitely one of mine) there is a lot to be said for free gifts like homemade crafts and quality time. The KEY is to put effort into what you are giving, not necessarily the gift itself. For example, if you’re choosing to spend some quality time with the special man in your life in honour of Father’s Day: DO plan ahead and prepare a thoughtful/meaningful activity to do together. DON’T just wing it and call it “spending time”. The thought and thinking ahead is what matters here. Having said that, gifts are awesome. So here are some ideas ranging from free to over $100 – thoughtfully sorted from price lowest to highest for your convenience. Obviously all are eligible for Prime 1-2 day shipping!

1. A Family Picnic Brunch

Bring some of his favourite foods, maybe some games. The whole family will enjoy spending that time together.

2. Art Exhibition

Have the kids made some art for daddy and present their art gallery to him.

3. Give Dad’s BBQ Tools An Upgrade

Customize dad’s go-to BBQ tools (brush, spatula, tongs etc.) with paint if the handle is made of wood, or other materials you can use on metal or stainless steel. The kids can draw on the handle and write things like “Best Dad Ever”, or lyrics to his favourite song. Be creative!

4. Favourite Dinner Date Night

5. Wireless Phone Charger

6. Video Game or Gaming Accessory

7. Watch and Sunglasses Storage Box

8. UV Phone Sanitizer

9. Wireless Meat Thermometer

10. Lululemon “At Ease” Hoodie + Jogger

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